the man who saw a thousand moons


and that is the back of my head with the dab of malli poo

grandpa (or my fil) is the baby of the family.
he needs his lunch on time, or he’ll tantrum
he wants to play with baby param’s toys.
he wants to read firstborn’s ack’s before firstborn.
he hates it if someone steals his sudoku page.
he sleeps in mid-sentence sometimes.
and just like that he turned 80… and a priest pours down a pot of water on our collective heads to celebrate

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  1. Convey my namaskarams. Aren’t you considered extremely blessed if you gain aashirvadams from one who’s had a Sadabhishekam? Also, which one is you in the picture?

  2. i want a grandpa like that too 😦

    i also get cross if someone steals my sudoku btw. my mom just did btw. this after i gave her two fat books of sudoku – which she claims she has already filled up. hmph.

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