three months is my hangover recovery time


i’ve been having KL-withdrawal symptoms, so i didnt feel like smiling

i mostly had a sour face and a dour attitude .

and i can feel it vanishing slowly…

i think i smiled in chennai (for no reason)

did you hear the deepavali sms for chennaiites: may your prosperity increase like the gold price and petrol and diesel price, and may your sorrows be like the chennai power-cut : suththamm.heh heh!


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    • sing. isn’t rather friendly… wont totally blame you.
      they had a smile campaign just because locals were sour or dour or something.
      i remember looking at those posters when i was there…

      but hey! the best part about living in singapore should be long weekending in Malaysia:-)

      or in other words “metrojaya here i come”
      thank you… am sure lil india lived it up there too?

  1. See, I knew Chennai would suck you in… you should be smiling more now… the music season’s almost here. Imagine being able to take FB and Baby Param to hear the greats and the budding stars. Who knows, all that cultural influence and we might be paying to watch FB and/or Baby Param at the season, soon πŸ™‚

  2. Smiling is not my challenge. My bipolar nature takes care of it. I am working on ‘getting things done with grace’, without screaming like a banshee, without having to act entitled. Let us see if I can achieve it in a life time!

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