and just when i was doing so well in the smiling@chennai department,

friends from KL dropped by for tea …

and my mind quickly goes to rewind . smiling is frozen until further notice.

in other breaking news: “kindness to spouse” is already on hold, and he only just landed in the airport.


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  1. Hey, if this helps..it took me 2-1/2 to 3 years to get used to India and be happy here, after 8 years of living abroad. One day your heart will just turn-off that KL switch! Then you will not want to uproot yourself from India and go to KL or any other country!
    It is like having a break-up and getting in a new relationship 😉

  2. what a bummer mim. on the spousal kindness front, I find that I do much better when my fridge is adequately stocked with cake (or whatever other Mysore Pak-ish alternative your friendly local sweet shop can offer)

  3. What Priya above said. Took me coupla years. Eventually though India grows in you, or maybe the other way and you will sing with full feeling and genuineness – Yeh mera Indiya, I love my Indiya.

    Then you can give gyaan to newly arrived folks (such as your current self)

  4. It makes a good joke when I say that I had culture shock when I moved from Mumbai to Chennai. Chennai has culture you can cut with a knife. Too bad for Chennai I don’t have any! Finally Chennai got used to me and my craziness after three (short) years and now I love it (Singara Chennai may never love me back though…who cares?). I missed Mumbai SO MUCH the first year, I couldn’t bear it though. Stop keeping your eyes peeled and make some plans to meet me so I can comment on how thin you are. Fitting into our nieces sari blouses and all!

    • um.
      this is advantage mim.

      i know your name
      i know where you work
      i’ve seen your photo
      the next average jane you (no pun int.d) run into may be… me.

      but knowing my fear of conversation, i may turn into a marathon runner, myself

      • That sounds awesome. Come find me and run with me. Sidle up to me in a Marathon. Wear a big pink chrysanthemum in your buttonhole (on in your pinnal). We will use the code words “Vada for me; Maddur Vada for you” as our password. I will be wearing Mallipoo as I am Chennai like that…

          • nope, chox. i took myself off facebook …

            and after that,

            i have grown sideburns and wear purple and pour myself into unsuspecting nieces blouses (not when the nieces are wearing them)

            • did some ancient hindu king-style penance (like they show in ACKs) and pleased several gods. thus can now see through sideburns and recognise folks even if they are wearing purple niece blouses (as in purple blouse, not purple niece).

              • just for this you are forever on my buddy list !!lol!!

                last time you said”physics was fun” — or something insanely cruel — and i cowered @chox

                purple nieces!! har har! NOW you are talking woman!

  5. Hated Pune when I first moved there from Mumbai. Cried myself to sleep for close to a year. 3 years, it took me to love the place. Now I list it as my hometown much to the annoyance of my Mumbai friends.

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