roach extermination


*gory post*

i am trying everything. roach repellent spray. boric acid+ jaggery+maida. broom stick bashing.

i was telling the kids of my latest modus operandi.

“Suddenly, there was a roach in the sink. quickly i slid on a plastic bag in my hand and captured the wiggly roach. and i pachaked the life out of it, and emptied the contents into the waste bin… .”

firstborn: “ma dont do that!”

me: “why firstborn?” thinking he was eyuuuuuuuu-d out by the goriness.

fb: “you shouldn’t waste plastic ”


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    • thank you, chox. i respect the spiritual tone to the comment… have read

      i had a friend who everytime felled the cockroach with a prayer for it to be re-born as a higher life form…

      roach, rat and mosquito — difficult to live and let live.

      anycase, will take your words as a message from a spiritual being and back off the violence. thank you…

      • Thanks for taking that in the spirit you did MiM. I was not sure whether to put that or not and did finally.

        Agree rats, mosquitoes and roaches can be painful. But I have to tell you – my mom’s house has no rats or roaches – she manages that without ever resorting to any kind of killing. Basically her kitchen sink is super clean at all times, plus she regularly cleans her kitchen shelves. I try to emulate that – easier for me as I have better domestic help than she does. So far been successful.

        Mosquitoes also managed by a combination of keeping doors/windows shut in the evenings, letting in plenty of sun and air in the day, keeping corners super clean and for undisturbed sleep – cotton mosquito nets/ fans. I don’t use Jet type of mats – don’t like the smell. Of ourse we still have the occasional bite but that much is fine in the name of non-violence 😉

          • clean is enough. you can drop the super.

            i dont like the pest control wala smell either, see. so this works better for nose needs some deactivation, like your fb account.

            • i know the type.
              even the mmmim with his acquiline beak can sniff seven homes away and tell that we are frying potatoes for dinner.

  1. Did you try the pest control? Those guys now have a yearly service to apts. Pretty decent. Which reminds me its time for my yearly service. I live in eternal fear of lizards.

  2. Uuuugh, cockroaches..! I haven’t seen any since I moved to the UK, and I hope to spend the rest of my life without ever seeing the nasty scurrying things again, More pachaking power to you, MiM! No mercy, no let-up!

  3. I’m all for non violence but Pest control is the way to go, they now inject stuff into walls and baseboards so it’s quick and no residual smell, either.

  4. Sevichifies 16 times…you kill roaches with your hands? Without screaming? Forget Ahimsa – those things deserve the worst Himsai possible…

    • if you looked like obelix at one point in your life then we must have been triplets separated at birth, i confirm it.

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