look ma, no tv!


i am thankful to the “STILL no tv after in chennai 4 months” stance.

firstborn is making his own monopoly: places that are important to him and baby param, at 4, is chipping in…

new zealand (rs. 500) and sri lanka (Rs. 20) are in, as well as Ananda Bhavan Sweets and Snacks (Rs. 200) and Kidzania (Rs. 60 —> indoor malaysian playground)

if you buy Nandanam (Rs 300) you get to pass an arrow and then collect Rs 100 from the bank.

*this is bordering on reality, considering the traffic jams WHO can PASS nandanam?*


: this is work in progress(as this post goes to press: Brindavan is being added alongside MGR Janaki College for Women; and there’s a juice and fruits spot as well #pazhamudir )


the headline was meant for my ma.


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  1. Wow! what a cool idea….Srilanka is cheaper than Ananda bhavan ? teehee…….Yay to the Anna library making it to one of the top buys ..lovely place that…but is always empty, yeah ? Wish someone fixes the display and the make a decently navigable catalog…

    • i totally liked the last two entries he has made “heaven” and “netherworld” and no charge for visiting these places…

      this child is a regular Mr. Amar Chitra Katha

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