i do a fortnightly fast,
and my family pelts vadas and leftover idlis at me for that.
they are persuaded that i’ll keel over, and waste away etc etc.

and now i upped it to a dry-fast. not even water, for about 24 hours and a little more.

this is very do-able. more easy than the water fast or a fast that has something that you drink…

the result is:
who is
and has better skin than pre-fast Mim.

will totally recommend.

but not if you are a neo-faster (you have to break in with water fasting a few times first).
and if you are Jain you already know what i am talking about.


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    • I used to have friends in college who used toseriously fast during paryushan, and they were 18 or 19 then and very sturdy young women. thin yes. but strong.yes.

      i think it gives me a great break from eating, thinking about eating and cooking, thinking about cooking…for myself.

      and it’s only 1 day.

  1. yes junta does it.
    my kutti cousin did 3 days fast (with no water) this paryushan. some even do 8 days.

    me – never attempted a chovyaaro upvaas (as its called). but you inspire me MiM.

    • correct. body needs time for housecleaning. we clean the shelves and straighten the house only when we have free time. same goes for our body.. totally subscribe to this view

  2. Hi Mimm, First time commenter, really interested in the fasting routine you are doing, do you mind explaining how you get back to eating the next day after fasting? I know you are supposed to ease your body into it. By the way are you fasting for Ekadasi?

    • hello
      this is my current fav topic to hold forth on… so thanks for your interest;-p

      i started off with only diluted unsweetened fruit juices on ekadasis — a few months ago.

      then a couple of months ago i stopped drinking fruit juice and started only water; and it’s really tiring all these loo breaks that you have to keep going

      and then finally it’s no water and a peaceful restful ekadasi.

      i also read books like ‘the miracle of fasting’ by paul c bragg ; he didnt visit a doctor for 75 years orsomehting…this was written in the 1930s.

      and another on sunbathing and fasting by dr. herbert shelton — who has supervised 20,000 fasts and treated everything from asthma to polio– no kidding.

      those books totally clinched it. there are online versions, floatingaround.

      i just break off the fast by a fruit juice the next morning…

      are you a faster as well/

      • Lol mimm for the loo break comment 🙂 . I am someone who has tried the ekadasi fast and failed miserably at it. This was a few years ago and I completely stopped even trying. Then I had kids with the pregnancies and feeding etc took the easy way out. I am currently nursing my second one, meanwhile I am getting ready for it this time around with as much information as possible to increase my chances of success. I think the last time I also let all rules etc that Google patti told me when I asked her freaked me out .. 🙂

        • i think you cant fast now because you are nursing.

          but this is a great book to read;
          and another which i cant hunt down is paul c bragg’s miracle of fasting; this man lived into his 90s and died in a skiing accident… yes. omg. he said his peers had all passed away, and he swam 7 laps or something even till he died

          and ekadasi is a nice way to recover from foodexcesses that we all commit.

          and when i found my SPOUSE could do it ; he eats every 2 hours on other days.

          i found that he neatly fasted on diluted fruit juices on a dare. after that i had to simply simply up my grade to water and then just go dry.

  3. We break fasts with:

    1. Moong water (pressure cook soaked whole moong and drain the water, season it mildly with jeera and hing and curry leaves). Eat moong later.

    2. Boiled water with sugar (big crystalline pieces), cooled.

    3. Moong as mentioned earlier, seasoned mildly.

    4. Something called ‘avaeri’. Tastes super yummy. Dunno how to make it – should ask mom. This is eaten in small quantities, is very good for various reasons – again ask mom.

    5. No super cold or super sour or rich stuff for a day. Basically be gentle to the body.

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