two things about me


there’s an amar chitra katha titled ‘Yama the Terrible’. firstborn has modified it to ‘amma the terrible’ — yep. evil mum nominees can move over now…

and the mmmim now knows that i cant subtract. we were playing monopoly — i hate being coerced into any board game– still… in the interest of postponing making dinner, i played.

and you have to  do math like 500-260 . that was okay. then came the infinitely tricky 44-18 during rent collection. and i thought the answer was 23 or did i think it was 31…

well. the mmmim is very worried about what i am doing with the household accounts.

so here’s some vintage suruti where i drowned my sorrows.

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  1. Subtraction’s overrated, that’s why we outsource the job of teaching this operation to the overpriced schools so we can have the kids calculate in the name of practice.

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