morning raga


i am driving to drop off the boys. it’s margazhi, and we are having a contest in the car about who can spot the biggest kolam on the road.
firstborn is distracted by a woman walking balancing three enormous bags on her head, and not using her hands.
i see a line of banana trees tied to lampposts; i can see no apparent reason.
a volkswagen is honking.
i drown out the outside world by tuning into a.m. on the car radio.

i am happily reminded that it is the music season… d seshachari and d raghavachari are singing at the music academy, and the faithful AIR has captured what i am missing because of the boisterousness of these boys.
how apt kalyani sounds for a morning; — curves and waves of nuanced activity,

i found a version by m balamuralikrishna

and here’s my kolam this a.m.


i am trying to keep with the joneses’ who have a prettier…


will do better tomorrow


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  1. Wow that Kolam is mighty impressive, particularly from the pov of keeping up with the Jagannathan’s (edhukku Jones yellam izhuthundu) 😀

    So the Hyd brothers continue to sing together aa? Heard otherwise over the summer that one of them is quite unwell. How many concerts did you make it to so far ?

    And here is a yesapaattu, also in Kalyani ..

    quite versatile and capable this girl, Kalyani, isnt she ? even can make MDR sound can i say..cheerful 🙂

  2. See, I told you come December your attitude towards Chennai would change. My parents are there next week specifically for the music festival. You might just bump into them if you make it to the concerts (not that you’ll know them). If you can make kolams like that I wonder why you were worried at all. I am still struggling with the 3 pulli pullikolams. 😦

    • keeping up with the joneses aka jaganathans as R puts it; therein my friend lies the rub.

      the kolam is ok per se.

      but can it keep pace with the jaganathans. aha. no.

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