i am only one degree of separation away from sonia gandhi


consider this;

i bought a sari.
another lady, lets call her Y, bought a sari in that shop.
Y apparently bought a sari a few years ago in delhi where sonia gandhi and priyanka gandhi shop.

voila the headline.

sometimes if you arent famous for the real reasons, you have to grab at straws

oh and i also saw ganesh — or maybe it was kumaresh — driving a reva car near adyar.
these very eyes, which spouse thinks are chiefly to spot juice shops, also can spot celebrities. so there.

grandtotal 2 reasons why i am famous.

note; it’s the stress of school holidays. school’s out from 12 noon tomorrow. already i am delirious.


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  1. and I am two degrees of separation form the gandhis..yee haw…and i didnt even have to buy a saree. πŸ˜€
    and pls share tips about which one is ganesh and which one is the other. Every time i see them on TV i make mental notes and promptly forget to start all over again. do you like their violin playing, btw?

    • i like their playing… v. upbeat and happy. my identification tip = they are ganesh and kumaresh from Left to Right, that is my default setting.
      but if i see only one that becomes the prob.

  2. me too – 2 degrees.

    start doing mental math mim. your kids will soon do olympiads no? it fun (like physics).

    please go see vidya (subramaniam). sweetest person, i am guessing her voice too will match her nature. i hope some day i will watch her perform..

    • if my kids do olympiads, i have to train them — no i am never going down that street, aiyo.

      AND did you hear the buzz that sonia was telling priyanka that she is now only 2 degrees removed from the chox.

      the kids are loudly protesting at attending kutcheris. sons. sigh.

  3. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook (or substitute the guys that came up with Google here) and I use Facebook/Google. So, is that one degree of separation, then?

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