mim 1; sons = 0


i feared that i would be outbossed by these sons of mine.

baby param to firstborn ‘i’ll eat my dinner for a long time, that way the kutcheri will finish and we dont have to go… ok’

while such plans were being hatched, i tried to find a kutcheri
that would be
1. near home
2. fantastic.

and what a winner i picked — anuradha sridhar and her mum Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam — i have never heard them.
and they were fantastic.

i just came back and googled to check if they were really mum and daughter. they are. because my mum never smiles at me, she only glowers or has this exasperated look. or are these are the only two emotions you can have around me? come to think of it so does the mmmim. hmm.

never mind.

to get back to anuradha sridhar, who is gorgeous, and didnt wear tonnes of malli poo which is a kutcheri-must, i thought.

i was awed at how much fun she had with her mum. my ma would have poked me in the ribs with the violin bow — but anuradha made no MIMian blooper…

talented, smiling, unafraid of her ma and minus malli poo –is it the December season or wot??

baby param went to zzzzzzzzzzzz in the first seven minutes, leaving me with only 1 nos. fidgety sons to handle.

firstborn amused himself by watching the bats and counting the mosquitoes per head — and the mosquitoes were really on our heads– and asking me if we could leave after naatai.no. hindolam.no. kamas.no. janaranjani.no. poorvikalyani.finally. yes.

and since i hadnt had enough i came back and youtubed to find i have a week’s worth of listening to look forward to…happiness.

and here’s a video with the very song that my beloved semmangudi s iyer used to sing so beautifully…


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  1. Go listen to Vidya. She has an MBA degree from Duke, a CA qualification (ranked 2 in the country), a long plait and 2 no.s kids, and the most self-effacing demeanour I have ever come across. And sings like a dream. In fact am hopping over to Sennai to meet her soon.

    Please say I can meet you too. Pretty please.

  2. way to go MIM..here’s to attending more kutcheris.

    And A Sridhar is really something, illa. did her brother play the mrudangam for the concert ? I’m from her thereabouts here in the SF Bay area. andha lalgudi stamp is so evident all over her music, no? romba bayangara stickler for perfection in her students..but she turns them into musical prodigies..demands 2-3 hrs of bowing practice everyday…

    • her brother did play, SO that’s why they all were completely en famille.

      so she is a superhit there; i saw oodles of sparkle in the one hour i heard… lucky you then R

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