i am happy, this new year



i parked my car near school to pick the boys.

the auto-man glowered and said, i’d parked all wrong … he told me to re-park my car; park elsewehere or he’ll pull out the air in my tyres.

i was calm. i told him i’d be back in 5 minutes after picking the children. and i told him ‘please dont be angry … i only parked a little off because someone was drinking her coffee on the sidewalk , and i wanted to give her a little room.’

‘there was nobody here,’ he said.

‘there was too,’ i said.

and i disappeared.

when i fetched the boys, there he was still there sourer than ever.

i fished out a gift from the car i’d kept for someone else — and passed it to him… a box of soan papdi and a huge bright calender of indian dance forms.

i smiled and said ‘happy new year’.

and in return he gave me the mastercard 2013 moment of priceless expressions

and that explains my headline for this post.


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  1. Wow! you sure are one of the most large hearted persons I know…thats really nice of you to do that…

    Happy 2013

    PS – Which calender was that..anything which can be bought online, I am looking for calender with Indian dance forms

    • happy new year r’s mom.

      it was an instinctive thing — i didnt think about it then
      but it felt great on hindsight
      and this was the state bank of india calender

  2. Yay! Such a nice gesture. The other day I was to go in an Auto and the guy was asking for 10Rs more after some haggling I finally said yes and as the kids were with me and they were finishing up their cane juice, I offered to buy him a glass – his demeanor did a U turn and he was more than happy to ferry us :))

  3. Deivame! Pliss to text me the next time you plan to handout soan-padi (make it Haldirams). If you insist, I’ll take the calendar too and sneak it to R’s mom.

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