what is the point in having a blog


if you are almost down to one post a month…

thus spake my ma, who is tweeting and into more latest www stuff than i ever aspire

so i shake off my dinosaurfossil existence and compose a lazy gal’s blogpost, which is more pix than writing…

glad to announce that the boys have found a playground which gets full marks on green, space and quiet


i went to the mylapore festival, a few weekends ago.
1. i think it should be held in a city other than chennai
2. and at a place other than mylapore if it is to be held in chennai.

mylapore looks mostly like this even without the festival, still…

there’s a maami who can draw a mean kolam…


free hand

free hand




like plum used to say into every life some rain must fall.
you may not feast in an abundance of white gravy and cooked veggies say the good folks of sangeetha. thought for the day, what.

and here’s a song to tell you, life’s good… and uncomplicated. i love how balamuralikrishna does the equivalent of a backspace at 3.59 onwards because he adds a tender sangathi

and so here


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  1. mmmmmm. Mouth Watering. Wish …oh how my I wish to have one of those bhajjis…especially the mulaka bhajji. IO enukkum chennailea settle aavanum 😦 .Mudikku poov koodea kadakkatha edathila aaptikittean.

    • they are fantastic– i went a little late and the traffic was piled high over the kolams — i had to bend over backwards to click these

  2. The kolams… sigh sigh sigh – for get my hand keeping pace with the intricate design, i wish my mind would expand to dream up this pattern. Beautiful. The Bajjis, atleast i can rustle up the north indian version or raid the vendors scattered across my city.

    And hello to you!

    • abhishek raghuram sang it very well on air on the radio, so i googled for a more vintage version…
      it’s one of those that you can sing to your babies , no

      • Have a terrible voice… will never attempt to sing this one. No babies to sing to… if I can still call my 13-year-old a baby… and he does tell me from time to time, ‘Amma, don’t croak!’

  3. oh wow! those kolams are superb…I cant believe people have the patience to do such complicated ones…I would have spent like days trying to complete that one!

    • i have made messes at my front door trying to be kolam competitive. only a wet rag has rescued me.

      r’s mom.

      difficulty levels are nosebleed high

  4. ossum-possum kolam that one.
    the child and i stared shamelessly while this lady drew an intricate pongal-related kolam in front of her nicely washed verandah.
    i do it wonly once a year – diwali time. copy carefully from a rangoli book i bought for rs.10 from the madivala market.

  5. Does your mom know me? You are not blogging for a month and if she can ask you that question, I am a dinosaur in comparison 🙂 Getting off my behind and blogging is takings its own time..

    Oh! The kolams and the bajjis and the song and this post is all ossum possum!

  6. If this is the kind of kolam your friendly neighborhood Venkatachalams are churning out on an everyday basis, then i think they reserve the right to give the evil eye to anyone that doesn’t do an elaborate 50 to 1 pulli kolam. Me, I’m just glad that I live in boring old “jewel of the Northwest” where the 4 lines I kirukkify outside my door once a year earns me applause, standing ovations, even.

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