i spot the good news ..


1. a local school, sri sankara, here had an auto driver for their chief guest on republic day — he handed over the prizes to the students.

i read that s. ulaganathan was chosen because of his sense of social responsibility. he has donated blood 40 times. and he is on call by the cancer institute to donate blood during emergencies…

2.  and here is a report of doctors and engineers and MBAs,  turning down big paying jobs and the fast life for a minimalistic life;  a man who never went to bed before 4 am, now wakes at that hour to meditate.

and i am pleasantly surprised that the story was reported in the toi. i thought they didnt do stories other than bipasha basu’s hair colour or mallika sherawat’s toe nails


3. the mmmim makes a romantic gesture.

since he cant wrap his head around romance.

cricket yes.

type a behavr. yes.

reading a book. no.


sitting still. ARE YOU KIDDING ME


and this man called  me while driving to work and said ‘they are playing your fav song on the radio. here. listen.’ and played the song for five whole minutes…


very shocking.  should be on the front page of the new york times tomorrow. keep your eyes peeled. 


i am listening to sankarabaranam to recover. the good stuff begins at 18.20 ..



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  1. for 1 and 2 – double thumbs up !!
    for 3 – quit complaining about the good man…thank your stars he remembered you when your fav song was on !!
    PS: Idli is now blabbering a LOT !
    PPS: miss you

    • omg. you mmmimsupporters do come out from the woodwork — and i thought you were MY friend

      pl squeeze my idli for me– and pinch his cheeks
      i need a photo pls

  2. The mmmim and DH might have been siblings in a previous lifetime. Dh, recently offered to buy me a red washer dryer since it’s my favorite color. He couldn’t think of roses, it had to be a washer dryer.

    • Well romance in my early college days meant getting a xerox of an EPW ( yes, the most dense academic journal around) article with a yellow postit that said simply, in lieu of flowers, happy valentine’s day. I have stayed on with the bloke all these years, and i think i have the article filed away somewhere.
      Keeping the phone on for five mins of a song playing in the car is- well, stuff that goes into films.

        • Choxbox, if i had smelled sensible i would have run, but the one wooing me thought it was height of romance, maybe thats why i did not run. Though i did berate him for not bringing flowers, when they were ready to wilt i would have put it in my journal to dry. i am in love with foolish, soppy, useless.

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