only after it happened did i know it was on my bucket list

  • lull a child that i didnt give birth to, to sleep. 

i hardly know this 2 year old. just a hello — you are so cute kinda one-way street.

but this time as i lifted her she looked indifferent to the world at large and me in particular. 



i patted patted patted. just like the mmmim used to do for our boys. even when they werent sleepy.

and slowly her head curved onto my shoulder.

 and when her mum came for her she was fast asleep.

naturally, i am now upping the 1.general warmth and 2.universal likeability quotient on my personal report card.

because adorable 2 year olds dont fall asleep on just anyone


  • have a toad sit on my arm.

BUT. after the

1.  g. warmth and

2. u. likeability quotient

had been upped apparently the word gets around.

and this toad from our backyard, chose ME, and my left arm to leap onto — and wouldnt leave for 4.8 seconds, despite my shrieking and quivering


p.s. if you are from the animal kingdom.kindly scroll down to the part in my new report card that has the fine print which reads ‘conditions apply’


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  1. Does 1. mean you’re ready for another toddler, maybe a girl this time around? And where were you when DH needed patting, more patting and then some more….?

  2. Likeable MiM, how odd, that does not explain the huge amount of readers that flock to this page…. but now that she has declared her likeability factor the pleas to meet will only increase. Mr. Toad, he led the path MiM, dont blame us.

    • it’s the darwin evolution theory, sur. now the toads like me.

      viz. for fully grown humans, it might take a few lifetimes

  3. This skill should go to your resume…no ordinary feat this …but toad aa ? now that is a contest between bravery vs. LQ …i am rooting for LQ to triumph….i hope the animal kingdom reads the fine print clearly..
    my own fine print : please post more often so I dont have to reset my forgotten wp password …please..please .

    • is it still so diff to leave a comment.
      i thought i stubbed all the wp bugs
      lol R ,

      love your s.o.h. — we are on the same page, i always feel.

    • like i told sur, our words have met online;

      but for the human behind the words to catch up, if all goes darwinianly i predict its a few lifetimes away

      • we could not meet even with a few hundred miles between us.. soon it will be a few thousand miles. maybe in the next birth then mim, you have to promise to meet me then..

        *violin in the background*

        • omg. i feel terrible now.

          but my stance was for the greater public good. and it can never be great for the public to meet good ol me.

          and what is all this about a bangalore minus la chox

          change plans.

          bangalore needs its type A busy mom.

            • how it works i am awed chox. you wouldnt be the same… without 17 balls in the air while balancing 213 miniature balls on the tip of your nose.

              which is also reason 2345 why one is petrified of rendez-vous.

              i balance one beachball with both hands and drop it.

  4. I love this post.. the toad thing is very nostalgic.. cos we used to be visited by toads everyday during monsoon. I had the privileged job of driving them with a broom and I remember jumping more than the toad at such occasions.

  5. Magical shoulder that makes toddlers fall asleep? That’s not something one sees everyday — sounds right out of a fairytale. Speaking of which, didn’t the crowds cheer, “Kiss the frog! Kiss the frog!” to see if it would turn into a beautiful baby? I know, I know — you’re thinking this is is a toad, not a frog. The latter may be kissable, but the one you met certainly was not. Worth a shot I’ll say.

    • oh i thought they turned into princes, and that’s why i skipped the PDA.

      princes should read the instruction manual on princehood.

      my current one is hopeless on romance.
      fail on PDA.
      epic fail on long phone calls.

      i hope you are having better luck

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