things i didnt know i missed in kl and i am glad to have


1. chennai vaanoli nilayam and the 8.45 am concert. 

i stick to the musicians i know — kvn, semmangudi, sanjay s, ms… 

as the morning widens into infinite chores the zest of a saranga stabs at the intrinsic blah-ness in tidying.

today’s artiste was a smt. vijayalakshmi, singing neevada ne gana. , she offered  to remove my blinkers. i hate new. i hate unfamiliar.

she’s done before i could move on to the vessels.

youtube and a master’s voice and i am back on safe ground

the vessels have to wait.

2. fresh greens. at my doorstep. it’s so convenient and i want to sob into the methi leaves. hey world. gimme back difficult.

wait  a minute, i still have to figure out how to get the aadhar card, the gas connection, the ration card; switch off the motor, the power goes off at 2 p.m., and the watchman is off for a week,  …

oh well.


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  1. I like to walk to the vegetable market to drown in the wonder of winter greens. the methi, the sarson, dil leaves, palak, green chanas and their entire family… life becomes meaningful after one such walk and a bag laden with these beauties. I can even feel the HG levels dance in delight in my veins. I think i will kick my deadline and go to the market now.

    • kick the deadline.

      that’s the spirit.

      that’s why i like blogging. NO whiff of deadlines, except a ma breathing down my neck

  2. “The vessels have to wait”. The vessels have to wait. The vessels have to wait. mim, this has got to be my new mantra if I want to salvage any sanity. Or skin on my hands.

    Sobbing into methi leaves? I do that all the time. How else is one supposed to respond to the monumental task of plucking each tiny leaf from a gigantic bunch, cleaning it a gazillion times and then watching it all reduce to a mere spoonful. If only they didn’t taste so good. grrr!

    “gimme back difficult”. That’s brilliant! Reverse psychology on fate.

    • Ok firstly, Thanks for the beautiful find of Maharajapuram – just a fewdays ago was listening to him with MSG and Umaypuram and said “the child has to wait”. But u know what is fantastic company while listening to a nattakurinji rtp? methi leaves – takes about the whole duration of the rendition with the thani, to pluck,clean, rinse and pat dry the ginormous brunch i get in the local farmers market. So the household is happy to know that there will soon be methi paratha or a aloo methi when they hear the mrudangam drum away for half hr.

      • oh dear! I obviously listen to the wrong kind of music. With mine, it is a given that the methi will end up in a rock-hard weapon that dogs reject or as a monster dosa (don’t ask. It’s unfortunately not as big a hit with the kids as I’d hoped).

        • methi paratha is designed for arnold s. and his pals.

          never go there.

          not your faultt.

          how about the kootu, poriyal, sambar — you cant go wrong when you think south indian

    • i thought i wouldnt meet someone who detested barthans more than me.


      i stand [near the sink] corrected. pass the scotch brite, sister.

  3. Vaanoli..has such a beautiful ring to it, doesnt it…? enjoy the 8.45 s …the 9 pm fm is also still on ?
    Thanks for the beautiful MS find. Just a few days ago i was listening to a live recording of kharaharapriya ( MS, MSG and Umayalpuram) and said” the child has to wait”….but i love them methi bunches- they are great companions to rtps and watching jane austen mini series…it takes roughly the the whole duration of the rtp with the thani to pluck, wash and pat dry the ginormous bunch i get occasionally here in the farmers market. the household is happy to know that there will soon be a methi paratha or an aloo methi when they hear the mrudangam drum away for half hour or more….
    btw, your boys learn music formally?

    • sorry for commenting so many times….the first time i didnt know it was published….the device blanked out on me and then i went on and do another only to find them both here next to each other 😦 its all your LQ’s fault….:D

    • hey… lovely comment r. you should blog.

      vaanoli here is turning 75 or something… and i heard the ratnas on bahula panchami… did you hear it there .

      firstborn is being sent for carnatic music. of course, he would rather subst. it for cricket class. he doesnt have a choice– because I AM TWIRLING my moustache and wearing nambiar’s evil look and saying ‘go’.

    • do NOT. UTBT. apparently it’s very crackable. my ma waited 5 hours and got it. there are success stories floating around

      • The husband started off with, ‘One for the head of the family and one for every dependent’. I bristled and started off with why he is the head and why I am the dependent, when he is so dependent on me even to figure out how switch on the water heater. Then we heard rumors that one center had lathi charges and stuff. So I let him be the head of the family 🙂

        On a serious note, we found one center close to where I work. They give 1200 tokens a day. Starting at 4.00AM. And it gets over by 6.00AM. We are planning to give this a shot.

  4. When can I come over for methi paratha. It took me 12 years to figure out how to make aloo paratha. methi may take another 18 years. In the meantime, I figure I can come eat at your house 🙂

  5. I like to do barthans to the accompaniment of the Hindustani vocal maestros. They can jolly well help me slog. I do love some Carnatic singers too. And methi:):):)

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