if it’s tuesday it must be…


we were looking at photo albums.

to my intense surprise, i can’t seem to identify which one is firstborn and which is baby param, when i was looking at pictures of when they were one, two or even three years old.

-‘look at the elephant. it’s Munnar’, so it must be firstborn

– ‘oh it’s Penang, we had baby param by then, so this must be baby param’

– ‘who went to school with teacher S ? then that boy in the pic must be firstborn’


soon, i’ll need someone to point out to me in the photoalbums. sigh.


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  1. LOL! We go by the dress they are wearing – ‘Oh this red one with white and navy blue flowers – must be firstborn’ etc.

    The joys of having >1 kid 😉

    • i have a perfect recall aunt. she remembers everything.
      ‘ oh that kid she’s the one that had diarrhoea at V’s marriage, after eating too many cashews’
      and suddenly i am content with goldfish memory.

  2. the joys of having 1 kid = me mixing my baby photos with my daughter’s baby photos and confusing people.
    The b/w and colour prints give away the time difference, but since i was arty mother who often took b/w stills of the kid, its only my mum and me who can tell the two apart. ( the husband can tell the difference too but only because he thinks she looks exactly like he did when he was a baby but he has no photo to prove it!)

  3. Err.. how do you know goldfish have bad memories?!

    @Sur: Its different with >1 kid. Reason – when its you and your kid the stuff *around* is different so you get clues. here it is the same car seat, same stroller, same toys, same books, same mommy too!

  4. @choxbox : funny you mention same mommy, because that’s exactly how I tell mine apart. I was too cheap to buy new clothes and toys, so that wouldn’t have helped. The extent of wear and tear on *my* face and clothes, the amount of hair left on my head and the crookedness of my glasses is a dead giveaway.

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