room pottu siripeenglo


room pottu yosipeenglo

that’s chennai-talk which means being an ideasmith; since you have all these great ideas, you’d better hire out a room so that you have the space and time  to cogitate and ponder


 room pottu siripeenglo


that’s my own helplessly laughy situation — now i need my own room to laugh–  i was laughing while making the beds, laughing while hanging up the clothes, laughing while making muttar-panneer…  in response to utbt’s comment about the aadhar card. she said ;


The husband started off with, ‘One for the head of the family and one for every dependent’. I bristled and started off with why he is the head and why I am the dependent, when he is so dependent on me even to figure out how switch on the water heater. Then we heard rumors that one center had lathi charges and stuff. So I let him be the head of the family 🙂

and that’s why i needed my own room to LOL.

and i heard vasudha keshav singing aadum chidambaramo on air. i love it when behag pours into my morning.

happy gets happier with


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      • no furniture in laughing room (been there a few times so i know) and my middle name is ‘speed of light’ (which is 3*100000000 m/s so calculate how quickly i will catch up with you)

        • calculate – see you spout such four-letter-words with abandon.

          and you throw in science prob conundrums

          [have to resort to invisible cloak from hp, purely for self-preservation]

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