on the other hand


there are ragas that TOTALLY ruin my morning – i need malayamarutham in my life as much as i need unscheduled powercuts.

today’s vidwan upped the torture by topping it off with subapanthuvarali

and i endured the one hour of music hoping a nuance here or there would salvage ’em — but nope they continue to annoy me — right up there with firstborn’s whining, the mmmim’s type A ness and baby param’s punch-first-think-next-ness.

Bharat bandh was yesterday, and MIMbandh is today

i am shutting down and evilly passing on the sourness…


 the malladi brothers bring a lot of gentleness to their music– but who can love manasa yatulo


and here’s nithyashree with …


 run for your life.


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    • a.m. on all india radio

      we are a tv-free household, so the radio brings in all the music

      there’s a top class vidwan/vidushi who performs in the morn slot —
      it was a staple in my growing years, and now tooo…;-p

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  2. What’s malayamarutham for some is Kalyani for a few others ! Groan.
    I can’t move beyond Vedavalli w.r.t. vidwaan patronage !

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