when i actually read a newspaper


there ARE things to read.

i saw a pic of the chief minister promoting a bar of chocolate. aavin, the govt-run milk supplier, is breaking into the chocolate segment.

aavin and co have chosen the eminently suitable , original, marketable and very subtle name for their chocolate bar — ‘nutty’


a brand new chocbar hits the market in 2013, and the powers-that-be come up with ‘nutty’.

i read on, hopefully, to find if they did better for the next bar – but the milk chocolate with nuts is called … ‘milky and nutty’

aavin, i say to you what my chemistry teacher wrote on my report card 20 years ago.’can do better’.

in other news,
some new trains are going to become double-decker now.
at once, i felt these things should have happened when i was 10 and easily entertained.

but hey. not much has changed 24 years later.
wherever the train is going, i am going too.

reading over my shoulder into the edit page – firstborn wants to know what ‘winning the battle but losing the war’ means – and when i heard my explanation i was sad about how poignant it sounds, to a 7 year old.

and here’s my fistpump chennai moment– purebred chennai company TVS buys a british firm – awesome, wot.

chennai people never bought anything more expensive than plain dosai, when i was growing up.
‘rava dosa is rs. 14 masala dosa is rs. 15, let’s eat plain dosa at rs. 8.’ was the ingrained thought-process when i was as high as firstborn. life minus sambar, chutney and aloo was considered worth living.

and look at ’em chennai folks now. awesome wot.

tom alter is only 62 years old. i thought he must be nearing 200 or something.

rocky singh and mayur sharma WROTE their own book. didnt know that. i loved their tv show, many moons ago. should totally buy their book.

i read the Grand Sweets and snacks has branches at tnagar, ra puram, chetpet, porur , mylapore, guindy and a half-dozen other places…
at once, i felt this should have happened when i was 10 and always hungry.

but hey. not much has changed 24 years later.
hello badushah here i come.

and i am now firmer in my resolve never to have a tv.
what if i flip channels and accidentally tune into vijay tv.
prakashraj, [shudder], it is announced in a half-page ad, is the new host of the tamil version of kaun banega crorepathi.

run for your life.


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    • it has it green lungs amidst peak trafficy places
      like the theosophical society and iit in adyar
      the horticultural society on cathedral road
      some of the women’s colleges that are sprawled across acres of green

      also places like poes garden and abhiramapuram feel cool n green in summer, yes..
      maybe that is what you mean.

      or is it because i am growing a kitchen garden … that you feel that way

  1. girl, I know all this kaapi snorting out of one’s nose is cliched, but that is bound to happen with such gems — “i say to you what my chemistry teacher wrote on my report card 20 years ago.’can do better’.” I feel a incredible itch to try it out on my oldest when he gets home.

  2. See, Chennai has you now by the tongue, ears, eyes and nose what with the filter kaapi, the kutcheris, the greenery and the badushahs. You’re now 100% Chennaite. Kadavuley and this was the girl who was worried about how she’d fit in and manage.

    • yep.
      that’s why it also sounds like badshah, i think.
      a new chennai fav. is srivilliputhur pal gova — here’s my tagline for them — light, white and sugared just right

  3. Dare I hope that I have a co-Chennai lover here? Everybody around me hates this city, which happens to me MY lifeline. Feels a bit mushy to read unexpected statements here and there about namma Chennai.

    • confession; i misread babblogue as babalog and mistook it for rahulgandhi’s blog and didnt read .


      i am trying to convert myself into a lover of the present moment , so chennai is the plat du jour

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