Monthly Archives: March 2013

social experiments


ma bought me a book titled ‘one-minute mother’. i assumed it would tell me that it’s enough to be a mother for 60 sec and since you are done, you can head out to a spa, where an attendant turns the page of the book you are reading, and you can hear the rustling of leaves and buddha motifs are strewing the place.

oh well.
not quite.

well the book says ‘you have to catch your kids doing something right and appreciate the hell out of them’ or words to that effect. [because what we usually do is catch kids doing something wrong and scold the hell out of them.]

and i saw the postwoman walking the long route — and gave her a ride back to the post office; and appreciated the hell out of her.

then i saw the milkvendor lady who asked me why i was lugging extra milk from the store when i could just call and door deliver from her husband — totally gave her 10/10 for astute businesssense.

then there was this nilgiris shopgirl who fished out a brand of dates i wanted without me telling. 20/20 for presence of mind.

easier to apply this to the rest of the world; off to work on the kids. and it is work.

#unusualthingsspousedoes heads for an overnight trip with laptop, cellphone, chargers and papers; only after reaching his destination he realises he has forgotten his suitcase which has clothes, shaving kit and toothbrush. priorities. pshaw.

just finished reading a biography of ramana maharishi. i want to go to thiruvannamalai eat at the ashram, off a banana leaf and not waste a single grain of rice, just like the saint did. also want to see the temple of arunachala. totally love the dikshitar kriti in saranga, and what about saranga is not to love.