obelix’s fraternal twin


at one point in my life, i did look like obelix down to the pigtails…

i wore more clothing, abstained from wild boar, But IQwise it was a tie, and we always laughed at jokes in hindsight ; we both were unafraid to label nutcases (these romans are crazy tap, tap , tap).

the thing is that i read the entire asterix series in french — where nothing was lost in translation.

this week, when the holidays are bobbing up, i decided to read em aloud in english and let them know about their oncle obelix.

while i cocked my ear fully expecting the rofls from firstborn, mais au contraire, it is baby param who actually held his sides and laughed when the water came out of the pool when obelix dived.

we are two books down already. baby param may soon be christened paramchortleix


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  1. :))) Older one loves Asterix and Calvin. I tried Cartoon History of the universe with her and she tossed it back on my face.

    I have to tell you this….

    I did a puli-ya parthu poonai soodu potta job yesterday. Bundled the children and took them to jugalbandhi, only to find that the jugalbandhi was later and the hindustani classical was first. The lady took 20 min with the syllable ‘aaaa’ then she progressed to ‘maa’. I was thinking I can salvage this some how deliver the message that she is on stage, in from of 1000s of ppl only because of hard work and practice, only to find that the children had snored off. Yenakku yidhu thevaya?
    #bit more than I can chew #no business being there #culture backfire.

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