it’s the little things…


we share a landing space with our neighbours.

we have a ‘good fences make good neighbours’ kinda relationship. hovering on the neutral.

today i drew a teeny kolam that read ‘happy birthday to their 2 year old’…

and drew two lamps for candles.


heart-warming when a thumb-sucking 2 y.o. old wakes up and rings my doorbell to say ‘thank you’. 



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  1. Awww, you’re such a sweetheart, now if you lived next door to me, there’d be at least one day in the year that the outside of my house would sport a kolam!!

  2. For a minute I thought the landing space was meant for helicopters. Where in Madras do you get to live in such huge bungalows I was wondering..

    • which comes to my weird but true factlet about chennai ; the state should charge more for paid parking– it’s still terribly reasonable, considering the land prices in the very same areas.

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