resolutions for the radio


radio is mostly kollywood and its music, and it’s a pity.

i need to get some cds to escape the onslaught. EVEN I cant take more of spb, chitra and ilayaraaja.

five changes i need to hear ASAP

1. children’s books should have an audio launch as well

2. a radio rj who speaks slowly

3. a dedicated classical music station

4. someone like anil srinivasan or sriram.v. to demystify music without wandering into film

5. a debate in english

this morning i heard Bhushany kalyanaraman; considering i have a lower threshold for the female pitch … i enjoyed her chakravakam as i stepped out to buy pudina and amaranth for a hot hot summer day here in chennai.

here’ s what the www has for you…

in other news, i have decided that me and the firstborn are going to live on 24 hours a day, like the good arnold bennet told us to.

the mmmim and baby param do not need this style of living since they pack 72 hours into their first 12 hours…

as part of our poetry improvement, we read ‘lead kindly light’

— watch this space




4 responses »

    • heck my family would trade me [and more importantly my suprabatham] for convulsing washer/dryer interrupted by pressure cooker whistle commercials

  1. Can’t stand the present day RJs. I want good old Shahul Hameed interrupted by ‘mitty mitty mitty. mitty baniyan jetty. Mitty baniyam jetty, anindhal padu chutti’ ads.

    • aha. that solves my longtime conundrum.
      oh ho… so you are utbt to rhyme neatly with mitty and jetty.

      what can i say

      that that ppl

      their their malarum ninaivugal.

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