am i mum enough to take on …


…the summer holidays


when i was in kuala lumpur, there was always Plan A — india in the summer.

now that we live here in chennai, baby param informs me there are only three more working days left.

my current thought bubble reads  ‘ulp’


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  1. may the force be with you mim. I just got done with 2 weeks of spring break. Lost everything — mind, patience, freedom to pee uninterrupted — everything but belly flab. pah!

  2. We must sign petitions that they CAN’T declare continuous holidays like this. How abt schools work alternate days but year round, or some nonsense like that? That way I can drug my children and make then sleep for 36 hrs. Every one wins.

  3. We had 2 weeks of spring break, school is closed for several long weekends now since teachers have to be trained, report cards have to be prepared…. 8 weeks and we have summer vacations. 81 days of DD at home going . I’mbored/canIwatchTV/canIplayontheipad/canihavechips/caniuseyourkindle. I m quaking in my boots. I plan to send her to the local library to volunteer if they will take her.

    • MEERA, i am at the very end of my tether. today is just the first day of the holidays, and we have run through ALL the activities i had lined up for the next 60 day.
      healthy eating

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