it’s a good morning


when u srinivas is playing the mandolin. the morning slot is always a good time to bring out the flowers and do a flower arrangement like my friend J taught me to…

have i told you about J.

J, is my friend, who lived across my street in bangalore. it’s only today that i have recovered from her visit one month ago.
she’s a tidel wave who’s into giving. total senseless acts of generosity…

this is exactly why she works.
this is exactly why she blows her salary in one day.
and this is exactly why she lives.

these are the presents she gave us this time…

first look at how my house was transformed by flowers.J bought a bunch of flowers and whipped up this look in 17 seconds…







she cleaned the fans and scrubbed my bathrooms and left aroma oils for baby param to spray on…

she polished the kids’ shoes and filled their water bottles and picked them from school…

and promptly turned into santa…

there was cricket gear for baby param including a helmet and a bat [seriously, 4yo dont need a helmet, but why would i waste time telling that to J]
and she played cricket indoors for good measure

she gifted purest white A4 sheets for firstborn [who now believes he is an artist, so help us god]

then there was a shawl for ma
and a kurta for the mmmmim and
perfumes and paintings and kurtis for me
and a bengal cotton sari, matching bangles and a bag for our maid
a bedspread for ma’s friend who J doesnt know
and microwaveable glass rectangular bowl for ma’s cook
a nightie for gran
and a kilo of organic pepper for my mil
and giant tupperware containers for her as well
and water bottles for the kids
a huge round of juice for all the 10 kids in firstborn’s music class

face packs and foots scrubs made from mint, papaya and organic coconut oil that she kept concocting
and offering aromatherapy consultations for my friend who dropped in…

‘here you take my clip and pass me your rubberband, akka,’ she told our domestic helper lady.

she applied a fragrant homemade organic facepack on our maid. ‘ you are glowing like mahalakshmi,’ she told her and complimented her on her high cheek bones. it’s been a month since my friend J sped off on her shatabdi, but our maid here has been glowing ever since.


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  1. There must be something about you to have friends like J. The ones I have share their pms woes with me…
    (Kidding, my friends are fantastic too, but your J is at a different level….)

    • j is truly magnificent.

      but after i made friends with V, a friend in kuala lumpur, i now find that i have stopped making friends– now am content to reflect on the learnings, banter and wavelength that we had — when we were friends in malaysia.

      btw, i am an only child and friendship, until recently, was a primal need

  2. Everybody, but everybody needs a friend like J. They may not necessarily deserve her but they should have one if only to inspire and cajole and coax and on occasion shame us into doing the same for others. Slowly, one person at a time, they will change the world, and we will reluctantly follow in their footsteps and do our tiny bit too.

    Here’s to more J’s. May her kind flourish and thrive.

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