how am i doing..


i dont know
so i thought i’ll find out by writing a post.

i want to do a bulleted one…

so here are the things i want to say in no particular order. but you already know that if you read my blog.

1. i have lost track of how many days of vacation we have crossed. was there some such thing like school, uniforms and 8 am…

2. want to go on record that there are pockets in india where foreigners arent harassed, leered or stared at. pondicherry is one such. yay india.

3. i visited a store called ‘inner consciousness’ or some such,in pondy. they sold handicrafts. if it were in chennai, the store would be called ‘handicrafts’.

4. i have lost track of weird things the mmmim does. he’s talking on skype with family within chennai… this man has the karan johar it’s- all- about-loving-your- extendededededededed -family kinda thinking.
he would declare undying solidarity with the lamppost if it were remotely related… we arent related . we are apparently related to the mobilephone

5. everyone we met has been conned into this silly game… by firstborn

you need to answer every question with the words ”creepy crawlies”…
and not laugh.
if you laugh you are out.

q. what soap did you bathe with
a. creepy crawlies

what did you eat for breakfast
a. creepy crawlies

here is
firstborn’s q. that never fails to elicit the lolz…

”what shall i use to dig your nose…”

yep. keep a straight face. the 7 y.o. is on the prowl…


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  1. I love the FB’s game, Where do kids learn this stuff? DD plays something similar, only everything has to end with “in your bed”. So, it starts off quite innocently – I am reading in your bed, I’m going to do homework in your bed, I found my pajamas in your bed, eventually, it all ends with I am going to poop….. in your bed..

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