native intelligence


is what every city-dweller should endeavour to cultivate…

the knowhow to deliver a baby at home, have a greenish thumb to tell the difference between a red chilli seed and a brinjal seed, the agility to clamber up a tree, to live amidst snakes and not be unduly peturbed…

one of those minor things in the list is what i got the kids to do in pondicherry…

stone. connect.





firstborn surprised everyone with his loot of 4 huge mangoes. baby param and me managed one each. thrilled.


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  1. Oooo… I SO remember the joy of stolen unripe mangoes, then the inevitable “pallu koosing” after eating the sour fruit πŸ™‚ Happy days! *sighhh*

  2. maybe you can start ‘native intelligence classes’ for kids next summer. firstborn can be the chief mentor. you be manager. baby p can choose his own designation.

    i will take 4 huge mangoes as commission for giving you this brilliant business idea.

    • chox — i am poster child for native dud, seriously.

      if i have improved in the last four year, very marginally, it’s thanks to my friend V — who studied for most of her exams sitting on high branch of a mango tree in udupi

      • All the more reason! You can use these lines – ‘See how I was, and look how I am now. If I can, so can you!’

        Of course all the trees (mango or otherwise) at least in Bangalore already know they will soon be cut. So no one needs to be taught how to climb them, because there will be none left anyway.

  3. Did you find any parrot bitten mangoes (kili kaucha manga)? We used to climb guava trees as children, your post brought back such wonderful memories.

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