bye bye multi tasking


when i am going to do one thing, i am going to do only one thing.
that’s my resolution for the next one month.

my so far errant method of working, thinking, living… etc was to mess everything and then clean everything…

are you reading the blog of a new leaf.

i hope so.

i would dance this thillana like this dancer to exactly this song, if only i knew how.

cheers to the optimism of fresh beginnings with a sprinkling of kathanakoothahalam ,


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  1. Dear New Leaf,

    Why ma? Do you realise that if you stop multi-tasking the blog will go wayyy down the list? Then how will we get to see delightful clips like the one above?

    Ancient Leaf

  2. Even, in the thillana, isn’t the dancer multi-tasking? She has to listen to the music, keep the beat going in her head and then dance, doesn’t she? Tell me how the single-tasking goes. I’d like to try it. I was on the phone today while cooking and carrying multiple conversations with my mother on one end and telling the daughter in the same breath to get a move on with whatever she was doing. Which caused my mom to remark that I’m trying to parent her, these days.

    • unitasking is way harder than multi.

      very mindful — so cant do it for a whole lot of time, either…

      but it’s the way forward

  3. This is not you but your advancing age speaking *runs from here*.

    You know this was the fun answer. The real one is toning down multi tasking to focus and get clarity is what we all are in the process of learning now right?

    • lol. it is advancing age … i’ve frozen my age as 29, to my sons .

      but even that look advanced.

      multi tasking = intensive mindspaceclutter…

      so this is an effort to spring clean

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