summer cricket


my sons and their friends are playing cricket at 2.30 p.m. right after their summer camp.

me and another mum are catching up. our chatter is the foreground. a few boys, a girl and their noise is in the backdrop. we dimly hear there’s been a toss, there’s a run-up, one guys bats, there’s an umpire, shouts of fours and sixes and wides….
and the match goes on for a while,

only when me and the other mum looked closely we saw there was no bat or ball…

it’s all imaginary cricket…

is it a touch of the sun,

or has the mmmmim procreated his clones.


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  1. You said there was one girl in that lot? And you are surprised they played an imaginary game?
    My daughter has two girl friends who come over every evening, and all they play is imaginary game. I am sure it is an XX thing.

  2. Perchance, the friend, the one you were catching up with, was imaginary as well? The Chennai afternoon sun can be cruel. But kudos to the creativity employed for a robust game of imaginary cricket, and…. for an engaged conversation with a friend( if both were indeed imaginary)

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