grandparenting in 2013 …


ma is staying with me to catch up with the kids..

she spent most of yesterday catching up on sleep… right through a 2 hour power-cut.

yesterday evening, she caught up with her friend — someone she just visited last month, and speaks to on the phone ALL the time

today she missed a family brunch to catch up with a relative who lives nearby — this is the relative she chatted with for two hours last week.

and she wants to finish kiran bedi’s ‘i dare’ and jerome k jerome’s ‘three men in a boat’ before she leaves this evening…

this hands-free grandparenting thingie is getting me tres envious; i cant wait to become a grandparent myself…


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  1. If FB and baby Param are anything like DD, they will stash the kids with you while they vacation. I routinely watch a menagerie of stuffed toys while DD pretends she’s attending a soiree in gay Paree.

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