my pet theory


mother gig.

easiest to bring up are …


2 daughters = jackpot. you lucky mum i envy you …

1 daughter = naaaaaaaaaaaice. plus you get to have your life back, real soon.

on the other side of the spectrum are..

1 son 1 daughter – you didnt do too badly. at least you didnt have two sons.

2 sons — i am on your page sister. this is the toughest, most tiring combo… i could write some more, but i am so pooped. and i know, you — are too.

ps. my thoughts are fuzzy on the mum of 1 son — judgement postponed.


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  1. No, No, No, No.
    I am poking a UTBT sized hole in this theory of yours.
    This is a generalization and I don’t like it that I am an exception, that makes me feel like a freak.
    Some children are tiring, some are not. I am tired. ALL the time. My brian is choked with words and thoughts and emotions. You are welcome to come home and witness it for yourself.

  2. What a.. err an utbt’s Brian said.

    And sraikh, why are you even part of this theorising? You are above it dude. MiM, I have met the woman. Picture of calmness and zen. God. Now you know why I call her that.

    And TPL, where are you? Hardly see you these days.

  3. So not true. Or maybe there are more exceptions to this rule than the proverbial just *one*. Nature has this way of balancing things out. So no matter what there is a fair share of good and bad of not just daughters/sons – of days too :). I think this conclusion is a case of the grass is greener on the other side.

    • I am back – so needless to say your theory played on my mind.

      An extension to this theory? twin daughters (>5) – Pure bliss ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have a theory too:
    1. 2 boys: they are out somewhere climbing trees or playing ball..out of sight
    2. 1 boy: he is out somewhere climbing trees or playing ball…out of sight
    3. 1 girl: yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak
    4. 2 girls: Heavy duty earmuffs for all adults in the household

    • LG, I can so understand. I am tired of all this she said – she said, she did – she did…
      just today a friend enlightened me that she fought with her sister well in to college. The next time I have to look at this friend’s mother’s picture, just to see how much hair she has on her head.

  5. Sigh! I’m too tired to even think of a theory! But I agree with UTBT. and I have one of each. The Princess and the Poodle (BOTH OF THEM!) drain me out , I cant wait for the Poodle to climb a tree and the Princess to yak-yak-yak in the shade of the same tree.Or the other way round. I just want that tree ,reasonably far away ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Chox didnt we cross the street and I was screaming we are going to die.

    and my Brian is tired all the time as well

  7. Im back with the BFF’s theory on this:
    Sons are fun when *they* are young – low maintenance, no drama, very loyal (to mama).
    Daughters are good to have when *you* are old – empathetic, ready to lend a ear and more patient.

    With adult sons, she believes your relation hinges on how well you get along with the DIL.

      • I say this because early in my marriage there was a tense moment between the GrandMIL and me, and my husband stood by me 100%. That set the tone for good – no one messed with me just because they were the folks-in-law and I the DIL. As a result my relationship with them is completely wrinkle-free ever since and we (my parents-in-law and me) genuinely like each other.

  8. I would have had a lot to say about this post but i just spent a weekend with a friend who has two boys. My brian, my brain, my bran, are a bit mushed up with … super love, and loads of horror. My single daughter felt the same way. The two boys- they felt only super love for my daughter and expressed it by kicking each other, sometimes her, punching each other, sometimes her, climbing the walls and trying to see who could make the other drop down and do more damage to their bones. Mine, when alone, is really good with climbing the door frame and walls, seeing them, she sat lady like and i think mentally promised herself she would not make a limb mobile and vulnerable in this household. ever.
    MiM, my friend, the mother of these two has decided that breathing in and breathing out is the only way to be. After a particularly loud sound of bone and flesh hitting the floor or another set of bone and flesh she asks, can you move your body parts, then nothing is broken, cool. Much respect , sistah, to you , to my friend…

      • Absolutely! Some boys are ruffians, whether singly or doubly. So are some girls. You can’t win anyway. Brians are destined to fry. Wait till your kids grow up and date strange people, break their hearts and not just their bones!

        • UTBT – go get a patent on that brian pronto.

          I totally agree with you Dipali. Yesterday’s game in our house was to jump from the dresser and hold the string of the helium balloon. Other than just saying meh I did not have a choice.

          • UTBT โ€“ go get a patent on that brian pronto.

            I totally agree with you Dipali. Yesterdayโ€™s game in our house was to jump from the dresser and try to catch the string of the helium balloon. Other than just saying meh I did not have a choice

  9. I have a son who is just 2 years old and I dropped the idea of having another baby. What if it’s a boy ? No thanks.

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