what looks like the first day of the rest of my life


60 holidays are behind me.
hindsight — i wanted to do more with the sons –but my planning cramps their style;

2. also i plan exhaustively i am left with zero energy for execution — not smart.

3, which brings me to the spot. must do much more, during school days…

looking back, i give myself a ‘can do better’ report card, with a grade of B minus — as far as ‘mothering with an eye on improving allround personality development’ went.
[a few times, i hid behind a pg wodehouse when i was supposed to mother. just being honest.]

I got an A in cooking – no eating out except for our 10-day vacation — fresh homecooked meals, everytime — no bread and no cereal.
[of course, the kids yearned for bread and cereal and gorged like hungry birds at ma’s ]

i got a D MINUS in lazing. but it’s only expected. lazing works better in schooldays. Today i might get an A.


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  1. 36 hours to go. I can safely say that my children were with me every single minute. They came with me to work. I must have some kangaroo gene in me, otherwise I don’t think I would have survived. But congratulations to you – free bird -huh?!

    • i cldnt bear your envious looks. i waited till the 36 hours were past to reply. we are on the same page now, i think, utbt. pls to resume friendship

      • Just when I thought I can breathe a sigh of relief and shout from roof top, Agni Natchathiram Janakaraj style – ‘yen pasanga school-kku poitaanga’…..the telangana strikes its mighty blow, hard on MY head, I am still on the roof top, my expression is frozen, shocked by reality…..’children are at home due to telengana bandh’. Some one lend me a shoulder to cry on…every one give me your fingers, I can’t have enough fingers crossed that this school year be a bandh free year…. yeah, I like drama

  2. Congrats! you did it MiM, you did it! you achieved the nearly impossible deed and for that, you should be given a big round of clapping *stands up and applaudes*

    No bread/no cerals for all 60 days…thats awesome MiM..super awesome!

    Errr…did you get the A in lazing yesterday?

  3. I got a D in everything. The kid and I behaved like the other didn’t exist. I can imagine her telling the psychiatrist that all her problems are due to her uncaring mom…but in my defence I’d tell her (the psychiatrist) that I gave the kid unbridled freedom. Oh well.

    • how about mine sobbing to the shrink that their ma forcefed keerai-blech, carrots-blech and rice-doubleblech …
      a ma can do no right…

  4. D minus in lazing? Which means you didn’t laze around at all? Poor you. Tch tch. Hope the new school year brings along many more opportunities to laze.

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