the poonal cake.

there’s a news item in today’s metroplus about a couple of young women — sujani nagarajah and yalini– who have started their cake company…

and they bake the upanayanam cake…rub your eyes , the photo kids you not

my jaw so totally dropped.
normal posting may never resume…


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  1. dang it. now there’s one more thing I didn’t think of in planning my son’s upanayanam that is coming up in 2 weeks. Walks away feeling like a loser 🙂

    • hey. even if you did order the cake, who would eat the vadhyaar, huh.

      you did good sands.

      and congrats to raul

  2. uff! stop with all this cuteness. I can’t decide whom to pinch off first — the orange-blouse maami praying frantically for the ceremony to get over because she needs to pee, the blue-blouse maami sucking it in (does this podavai make me look fat?) or the youngster eyeing the potbellied vaadiyaar (dude, I can totally hold my breath longer than that).

    • lol. i was the maami trying to pour myself into a blouse last week. one year in chennai and i am up by 5 kgs, omg omg omg

    • my brother-in-law said the cake was perfect except for two things….
      1. boy needs to wear a garland
      2. there needs to be a tiny lamp lit…

      yep, total attention to detail, what

    • and a thousand jaws will drop across aa mommy’s friendly circle. is life ever the same again, i ask you…

  3. Adada,,, what a modern take on the poonal!! With the paayasam and the jangris though, will there be any takers for the cake, I wonder.

  4. Hi,
    Totally glad to see our creation in ur page..its been two years and i just got to know it has been put up here through a friend..
    thankyou for all the appreciation..
    and yes its totally eggless 🙂

    • O wow! V. Creative! congratulations on capturing something so “Indian” in a cake– do you have a site too?

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