chennai conundrum


that’s the thing with living in chennai, you spent most of your time being puzzled…

which should i choose given the two chikkis.


i feel the marketer is trying to tell me something , because he has in parantheses the word [nice]

makes sense…

which would you prefer

1. a blog or a nice blog
2. a car or a nice car
3. a poonal cake or a nice poonal cake [ still hvnt gotten over the previous post]
4. a nap or a nice nap [i’d like one of both]

but the adj helps in decision making…

and we bought the chikki that said ‘nice’ groundnut chikki.

and as we bit into the niceness, the truth overpowered us like the jaggery and peanut crumbling in our mouths.

nice stood for நைஸ்…

which is tamil cookbook jargon for finely powdered peanuts.

misleading advertising, what.

i’ll write a strongly worded missive to the advertising council after i finish this chikki. this nice chikki.


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    • i’d urge them to send me a couple of dozen chikkis to share to all my blog readers to decide whether nice is a fair prefix

  1. ROFL ! I was wondering what “nice” meant (thought of “Nice biscuits” and thought there was perhaps sugar sprinkled on the top) !
    Hilarious really. Think of “peanut butter” (chunky) and “nice peanut butter” (smooth) !

  2. I don’t think I will ever be done laughing abt this.
    LOL, ROFL, ROFLMAO and all such.
    I would have put the chikkis aside and gone for some old fashion nice biscuits, unless there is confused marketing with super-nice, very-nice, organic-nice, sugarless-nice etc.
    Going back to my LOL, ROFL, ROFLMAO and oh….. nice-LOL, nice-ROFL, nice-ROFLMAO

    • hyderabad is leaving you all conundrum-free i think …

      btw i cant wait for a culture-kotuthu post — it’s been a while since i lol, rofl, lmao etc etc

  3. So then ‘nice’ blog is one where your thoughts and words are crushed to fine consistency – given your pithy but perfect posts you could advertise it as ‘nice’blog

  4. Rajarams are my fav chikkis. I like the peanut laddoos as opposed to the cakes. That is probably why I never encountered Nice rather naice.. My fav are the chunky ones.. Not that it stops me from munching the naice variety..
    But still laughing just like utbt.. Indian marketing is full of surprises!!

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    • i have to introduce my mum in the pic to chula and meija — she has had a talk with firstborn.

      she was telling him the advertisers have money to sell – and do a hardsell with a glossy commercial and beautiful people.

      while people like the tender coconut vendor and the mud pot-seller dont have the money — but do have a great product. so it’s our duty to promote the ones who dont have a voice etc etc…

      i am watching keenly to see how much has sunk in ..

      and much obliged. love the c.k’s — they are your very own

  6. I am rofling, loling again and rofling yet again!

    Btw i like your very nice blog, just in case you didn’t know 🙂

  7. Enna periya!!! nice-aa irukku… maavu nice-aa irundaa thaan murukku nanna varum. maavu nice-a illai-nna cheedai vedichchoodum. 😉

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