the workings of a kutcheri


how lovely it is to hear kalyani at 8 p.m. — an anytime raga

the singer was a student of the late dr. mlv, and i am a great great fan of dr. mlv.

the singer, a dr. shubha ganesan, sang a beautiful kriti on the Goddess … and i was flowing along with the music, moving in to dreamland with the kalpanaswaras and getting caught up in the harmony that i could even ignore the overpowering smell of ghee and sambar from the neighbourhood…

i was so so moved mostly because her father played the mridangam, and was such a perfect accompanist — i think that is the best thing you can do for a daughter… is to play second fiddle, when she’s taking the lead.

and as i hunted out videos on youtube i THINK i may have arrived at my only hercule poirot moment in my whole life.

this is dr. shubha ganesan in an interview…


this is dr. mlv singing and i have a hunch that the girl playing the tanpura in that video may be dr. shuba ganeshan…


anyone who can prove i am right. or am i off the mark.


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    • there goes my thursday morning …wow. thank you…

      i knew about this archive, but i didnt know it was online… i switched off the radio, to tune in…

      thank you for my musical morning

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