tech tiff


baby param,4, is trying to talk to his dad who is engrossed working on the laptop.

“Appa, blah blah blah”

the mmmmim hasn’t heard a word

“Appa, blah blah blah, blah”

the mmmmim still hasnt heard a word.

baby param: “I hope you turn into a CD, then you can really be inside your computer. Bah!”


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    • hey rs! i hope you are buying away at jusco… or metrojaya or pasar seni or tmc, *sob*– can i borrow the shopping?

  1. Baby Param didn’t walk up to the laptop and start banging on the keys, that was DD’s surefire way of getting her dad’s attention. With that, I realize I have just declared publicly that I haven’t done a great job of raising a well-behaved kid 😦

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