day 1 — update on the hover-freeze


hover freeze has been in place for 24 hours…

effect on firstborn…
1. clothes got INTO the laundry basket this morning

2. quieter and more accomodative play with sibling…the whole 24 hours.

3. he ate all the bourbon biscuits he could manage before leaving for school– (this was tough to watch; i watched and gritted my teeth, from afar — i didnt interfere, amazed at my restraint)

4. bed was left unmade

5. he said a quiet prayer before he left for school

firstborn chillin, a pic from an old holiday...

firstborn chillin, a pic from an old holiday…

effects on me.
1. the plans are on about the school annual day, he tells me… i want to know more , am awfully curious. but will i listen without judging, evaluation, criticisng … am not sure.
i dont ask him more, but i really want to know. i want to reach a place that says “unconditional positive regard” before i speak…

2. overall peaceful + smiley is the current mood. i look to see if he has a letter for me at the end of the day … there isnt. but i find a handmade paper cellphone in a paper handmade pouch. hmm? does this mean no letter and that he’ll call me?

3. but my mindspace is very clutter-free. has my bossiness has been reined in?

4. 1 lecture-free, no-nag day for firstborn, makes for 1 giant leap for a quiet household. uh-oh. this means i was the mom on the blahblahathon? pass the humble pie, pls.


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  1. Congrats…thats awesome…I would have started screaming by the time the third biscuit went into R’s mouth…you should do a daily update okay..just for folks like me to get inspired eh?

    Err…Smiley is current mood… really are awesome MiM, I would have fretted about tons of stuff…

  2. I wish I could have your patience, MiM. Awesome you are! 🙂

    One small question – how did you wake him up? Does he wake up by himself? ‘Cos if I ever try this, I would lose it in the first step itself. Sigh.

  3. Wow, you survived? Wow.
    I’d get a stroke. Even if I WERE physically in Malaysia or Mars, I’d die if I couldn’t nag the dude and kid. I hate doing it, but can’t stop.
    Dare I try hover-freeze?

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