on attending a wedding/reception when you…


… arent invited and you dont know anyone.

the mmmim had only protests to offer.
he tried all means to get me to avoid what he thought would be my “social booboo of 2013”.

“you don’t know anyone”
“you arent invited”
“you never are happy attend the functions where you are invited”
“are you hungry”
“only the very desperate would go…”

i raised an eyebrow in his general direction.

and went.

it was the reception of someone known vaguely to the mil.

1. crowded weddings are fun
2. at this one — there was a man dressed like a stuffed bird on a sweltering August evening (all part of the festivities), a tiny band playing film music, 24 people blocking the steps to the dinner hall — as crowded as a MTC bus in rush hour.
3.” ma that bindi make you look like usha uthup ” said firstborn after i borrowed the mil’s bindi to get ready…
4. i wore a borrowed silk sari and drenched it in perspi. — the bright side is i didnt spill any gajar halwa on it.
5. to prove i had been there and done that to the mmmim., i collected the tamboolam — one huge laddoo, a bag of mixture and a stainless steel bowl that sat like a hat on baby param’s head.
6. they served lavender ice cream, rassagullas that had no resemblance howevre slight to their cousins from Kolkata, there was runny rasam that ran all over the plate;

7. the piping hot paal payasam being stirred in a giant urli made up for everything — the mean looks from spouse, a hallwithnobreathingspace, the diningarea with taps on the far far end, men wearing stuffed costumes, traffic jams at Saligramam…

i came away drunk on payasam, thickening milk and melted sugar, served hot, at the end of a day, the toast of a marriage and people together…

anyone has any weddings that they want me to attend?


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  1. Nah. I am not in payasam mood. Prefer rasam, even if runny. And I like weddings too, so will happily tag along with you, as long as I am not expected to wear make-up (north Indian weddings). I am even cool with kind uncles who will come up to me and enquire why I have turned sooo dark (‘do you work in the field’ type questions).

    • no expectation of make up in southie weddings …

      it will all run in the sweat, just like the rasam…

      you get that … i get why do you look like you are redefining the straight line/ like a skeleton/ are you trying to hit size zero etc etc

  2. Somehow I am not a big fan of payasams at weddings..I find them a tad too sweet…

    I bow down to anyone who can eat runny rasam chadam on a banana leaf…I WILL NEVER learn to do that!

    • slurping is an art, i tell you… and the harmonious sounds that emerge from a palate satiated with delicious rasam, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Do you want to be LG-by-proxy? I am just returning from an abthapoorthi, and am exhausted at the length of time I had to smile without really wanting to.
    Not even the paal payasams and rosogollas tempt me these days.

    • no nonono, the whole secret is going where you are nobody, unknown, the mystery woman kozhi muttai, no smiles expected, none received — paal payasam by the litre, glugging

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