i totally hate


bouquets. I think they are a waste of plastic crinkley, money and flowers. and everytime we had a celebration, we’d get a bunch and as soon as the guests back were turned i’d mumble and grumble.

and every year I notice that I’ve been mumbling and grumbling louder than ever…

finally. I’ve turned over a new er petal

when life hands you bouquets, my stance is make pookalams πŸ™‚




not really lovely by mallu standards, I agree;

but i’m tam!


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  1. Oh, I love bouquets. I feel guilty about all the flowers having been picked off their parent plants, but other than that, I love them. What I hate is people displaying bouquets they get in the original plastic cover. So ugly.
    The minute I get a bouquet (I wish I got more), I rip off the cover, cut the stems and put them in a glass bottle filled with water. Love that look.
    The pookalam, the first one in particular, looks grand.

  2. I hand over bouquets to hospitals/old age homes to be given to people who didn’t have anyone visit or check in on them. Hospitals have always been appreciative. But the pookolam idea’s great too!!

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