firstborn participates in a group singing


contest at school…

so far so good.

but when he remembers the name of the judge and reports it neatly. “It was a Vinaya Aunty, ma” he tells me.

I am stunned.

this is firstborn. who forgets there are lunchboxes to be carried to school. that yesterdays lunchboxes must be kept outside the bag.
the firstborn who neatly solves the easier Sudokus but thinks that there exists a paper called the “times of hindu”. the firstborn who responds after the sixth summon and claims it was the first time I called out.

Still stunned I ask…

“But how did you remember her name, child, after all the contest was held at 9 am and it is now almost 6 in the evening?”

“Because her name sounds like R Vinay Kumar, ma. who plays for RCB. and he has spikey brown hair, and just played against Australia; that’s why.”


duh. why didn’t I think of that.


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    • I was shivering today — down with a fever cold and cough. as a panacea firstborn suggested I wear a cricket helmet instead of a sweater

      — that way sweat will pour down my face and head, just like it did for Rohit Sharma (!)

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