11 days of 4 am –and counting


and the experiment is still on.

more ladders than snakes...

more ladders than snakes…

this is the only major change I am making in my lifestyle — waking up early, and plenty are the things that are falling into place … that are related or unrelated to waking up at 4 am.
the top four ladders are …

1. I have a lot more time free …

I watched the golden moon rise into the night sky as the sea breeze blew right here in Besant Nagar, I drove errands half way across town and back, I’ve pruned the kids’ clothes shelf by half, and the shoe rack by a third.

2. I join the dots…

we had a puzzler of a personal crisis in my friends’ circle — and it was (trumpet alert) moi, who stared at the picture, spotted the wrong turn that my friend had taken and (here I go again, trumpet alert 2) and provided the neat solution. Excusez moi. this is me MiM. I never do solutions. I am crisis, herself.
so. taken aback .

3. and make calls: this is also a blip. going against the pattern from the weeks before. I don’t make calls all that much. but this week, I have been dialling and dialling to trouble shoot (oh, the non self-effacement of it all. yes. this was trumpet 3). excuse me while I step aside to polish my superwoman halo.

4. and be on the same page as the Universe, who I think is in harmony, with me…

or is it because she wakes up at 4 am too?


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    • it went offline for a bit with late nights, and the spouse coming home at 11 then having his dinner, and then saying can we talk for a bit. all the while I kept subtracting and wondering how much time I would get, to sleep…

      still things are now stable at 5 am mornings…

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