i hate using a handphone…


… maybe 5 people have my number. seven max. and when I hear a tinkle from this closely-guarded inner circle, I come rushing back from planting flowers in mars, and hurriedly sprinkling stars around Saturn.
only to know that it’s the folks from hdfc bank who want to give me a credit card.

the landing on earth. from outerspace to backside, sans cushion = ouch.


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    • I hope three telemarketeers call you today while you are bathing, or something… some perspective shall come in then…

  1. Worse when you are driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, brave the curses of all and sundry, pull up to the curb to answer a call wondering what kind of emergency this is, and have HFDC (or Citibank, or vodaphone or SBI) throw out an automated ad.

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