how are you doing?


I am doing fantastic at number 7.

this has been a 180 degree shift.

at one point, I couldn’t wait to be friends with ms. random, her perima’s dog, her chithi’s fridge (what? because inanimateRus)and and her seventh cousin’s mosquito. sheesh. and the consequences I had to face were mostly dog-bitten, and hard to thaw off and annoying.

but now the STOP sign is on. the RED light is glowing. And bring out the drum roll because self-preservation is the name of my game.

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  1. Super! When are you taking lessons for me? I’m tired of kazhisadai entries in my life. Should get rid of my social service bone!

    And people who come up with such lists, they make it all look so simple, no?

  2. Yeah, it sounds all easy and packaged when listed .
    AS for number 7, perhaps it has something to do with age (assuming you and I in the same ballpark). I would let every fridge, mosquito, and dog not only into my life, but spread my life out like a carpet for the said f, m and d to walk on with soiled feet.
    Now I have my shield up permanently.
    Not that it makes me emotionally any stronger – going by that list, I need to work on at least 14 other points, not including drooling over Clooney’s picture on the header.

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