on saluting greatness


a cucumber mum I know, has a daughter in class X. and other mothers crowded around her, keen to know of her stress levels…

“Arrey! It’s my daughter’s exam. She has to study. Not I,” smiled the mum, calm inside and calm outside. and moved on to other subjects (no pun)

In today’s Chennai of hyper, where IIT coaching classes begin at standard 5, and flash-cards begin at 8 months and mothers = helicopters, I am writing this to doff my hat to a mum who hasn’t broken out into cold sweat at the thought of “future plans”.


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  1. Bangalore is pretty much the same, except because we are the international city, parents of kindergarten kids want to know about the percentage of ‘phoren’ university placements before selecting a school – I cannot even imagine that far ahead! No wonder I have so little to say to people these days!!! 🙂

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