post script


baby param and firstborn were humming the karadi rhymes and we spot shoba viswananath, the creator of Karadi tales, as I told you.

by that token, I am reading the Bhagavad Gita…
and am I keeping my eyes peeled, or what!


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    • ah, revs, somehow you have gotten it in your head that I can sing.

      I may just speak a song. that’s already put me in a lawsuit with e-bray.

  1. you will update us about how the tete-a-tete goes when it happens, right ? 🙂 But you dont need to look outside at all, no? I mean are you sure He wasn’t Baby Param singing the Karadi tales..?

    Its been a while since I filled all the details in the comment field successfully without getting distracted and forgetting stuff- i have a draft email that I (keep adding to in my mind ) want to write to you..someday I will hit that send button 🙂

    btw, how is good ol Madras treating you…

    • I am totally looking forward, R!

      er He may have been baby param singing the karadi tales, but I wasn’t ready to fully cognize him in that form. so I wait:-), patiently reading my gita still!

      oh and the comments form is muddling — I hate doing that — that’s also why I got my own blog, so that wordpress remembers what I forget.

      and madras is lovely. but it is Chennai, and not that much of madras. i should do a post, since you ask…

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