the pre-school opposite my home


is having their “grandparents day”. for two consecutive days the kiddos have been rehearsing with the loudspeaker in fullblast for a song that I deciphered is titled ‘lungi dance’. I drew a blank.
I googled … apparently it’s quite a hit and a catchy number.

pfui! I thought, in terms of popular cinema or cinema per se, I am still at #epicfail.
but in terms of connecting what lungi dance has to do with grandparents day in a pre-school, I am #epicfailtimestwo

yesterday, when I accidentally pressed the radio key instead of the CD button in our car…
this song came on.

1972 and Kishore Kumar — and voila! I was so aware.


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  1. Bah! these schools now a days seem to be looking for the easiest options 😦 no one wants to search for a peppy folk song or anything 😦

    Lungi dance was a rage in the house! Thankfully the brat has forgotten it now phew!

  2. I heard this song in Raymond’s advertisement. I told BD how beautifully they composed the music even for ad. He gave me a look and told about Kishore and the movie 🙂

  3. oh and i heard of lungi dance a few months befor eyou!!

    (friend’s 40th birthday – junta dancing like campus days – someone dragged the man and me into the mayhem and we started hopping about – the teen covered her face and fled. yippeeee – we can embarass her into doing anything now – all i have to say is – i will sing lungi dance and dance to it outside your school).

  4. No? Sometimes I FM-hop while stuck in traffic jam, and when an Ilayaraja suddenly plays amidst all the dangu-chikku crap, I instantly zone into being.

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