more sights!



I was walking the boys to school and they grinned broadly at the sight of a cow urinating. An autorickshaw speeding by quickly swerved to a halt in the middle of the street, the driver scrambled down and hurried out to collect the cows urine in his cupped hands.

And as firstborn and baby param stared wide-eyed … the autorickshaw driver washed his face with the warm urine.

The three passengers (all women and all related to the driver) tut tut tuted in disappointed unision. There wasn’t any left for them.

*for R, a moment in the day of Madras*


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  1. oh dear God! I am reading this at 5.30 in the morning and have all day to forget this image :(.

    But then, there are alternate medicinal streams which even prescribe you know ….erm…huh…drinking it…there I said that…

    there was a fascinating feature on NPR a few months ago about active research and therapy for using excrements to treat rare disorders…will try and find that link

  2. Growing up, I have always used cow dung (hopefully dry, but sometimes “fresh”) to clean the floor after eating. So, cow dung does not freak me out.
    But THAT?

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