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Over the past few years I’ve spent many hours in a cancer unit at a major American hospital. On the oncology ward there is a separate TV for each individual patient. The TV in the waiting room is never turned off; there are even TVs in the exam rooms. Some of the patients there are facing imminent death, yet the best modern medicine can offer is distraction — game shows and soap operas and violent movies. — Linda Johnsen in ‘Meditation is Boring?’


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  1. i guess during that time, people just want to go through the motions of doing something senseless to drown the grief. I took the same book everyday when my appa was in icu for 21 days (not without a bike by lance armstrong) and my eyes just skimmed through the letters without understanding anything. But it was a motion of going through something, doing something without letting the emotions show. i guess that’s why whether they want to or not, people do the mindless TV watching.

  2. Agree with Rekha. When my mom was in ICU many years ago, I’d sit in the room with the television on and nothing absolutely nothing registering. Not a pleasant sensation, but what is the alternative?

  3. I read these same lines just a couple of days back and can’t for the life of me figure out where. (Walks away scratching head with these memory lapses!!!)

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