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I have started music lessons. Carnatic music — appreciation and even singing — from a musician who is creme de la creme in chennai, she is a pedigree A Grade musician, she has Sung at the music academy. Won all the titles there are to win.

And here as I key this in… I am wondering why she would bother…

I don’t have a singing voice. I have a fair sense of music, poor sense of rhythm and zero natural talent. And it is not for money – no fee is charged. And so I am guessing it must be for love…

What I have in my favour is schadenfreude, because some women in my batch are gasp worse than me.

This is a recent video of maami and her students, singing at the Mecca of music in chennai.

She has it all artistry, prowess bordering on genius… And it breaks my heart as she hears my version of mohanam.


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      • Awww! You are too kind(Note to self: Aama! Kaettu vaangeetu ippo thannadakkam vera!) But yes, I join you in believing in the power of words, thoughts, law of attraction and some such things. I also join you in this paatu class beginning. I started a couple of months ago. I learn Hindustani music via skype πŸ™‚ I also join you in not having a singing voice, not having a sense of rhythm etc (assuming you speak the truth!)

        • My guru was telling us about t the awesomeness of Hindustani
          They doNOT go to the next swarA in riyaz, until they get the last one right. And if takes an hour or more ,so be it. Amazing… No wonder why your happiness project is so alive!

  1. Doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not – you’re learning for your own pleasure, and for the pleasure of learning, and to gain more insight into the art… so I hope you have a blast from aarohanam to charanam πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Shyam. I am here mostly because the cause is bigger than I am… But I am surprised at how absorbing the learning and the theory is.

  2. Whatay cool thing to do ! I am sure you will be the truly happiest being in a few months time ( because of this and when your tree planting is done)

    >>>>>I don’t have a singing voice. I have a fair sense of music, poor sense of rhythm and zero natural talent<<<<<

    soul sister soul sister… i hear you..

    learned music for many voice was OK, but after childbirth, it is forever looking for balance and support ! thankfully, the daughter learns on Skype, so, i piggyback and listen in. I have so far learnt 6 new krithis and have refreshed about 8-10 varnams…all with no pressure to learn ! sometimes, i feel the world should learn classical music …its such a fantastic mix of art math science fitness discipline and fun , dont you think? πŸ™‚

    • Yep, r i totally agree . Music has physics, history, geography, math and just about every field in the earth,seetha mami says. And inexplicably it’s helping me meditate better, isn’t inexplicable.
      I am doing akaaara sadhana … My first encounter with a shruti box just happened a couple of weeks back.

      What fun to align voices…

      Miles to go…

  3. Feelign pretty smug about this – Parivaadini is the brain child of a friend of ours…Pretty thrilled that someone else finds it useful.
    Small world.

  4. I think learning something after living a chunk of life is a good idea. You may not have raw energy any more but you have wisdom and perspective that can only come from seeing life.

    As long as you remain a student, life will always be something to look forward to.

    (Okay sounding all paati like, but recently did a course in something I love, so saying this).

  5. I went back to music s couple of months ago, too. I waited to get better but then it started to seem like the day would never come. The hour that I spend in class is the one hour when I can dismiss the pain, the discomfort and all else. I am happily humming Brindavani Sarang these days.:)

    • good to read your message. Happy to find that you have started a class, I hope the ripple effects of the music makes you much better all through the day.

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