New lessons


I am in the midst of Carnatic music lesson, and trying to align my voice to the shruti box. My dad has already commented that the shruti box sounds rather like an MTC bus – criticism where is thy sting?
Am singing despite the collective snideness , esp my akaaara sadhana draws out rather sharp reactions. But. This summer is going to be raining with my swaras.

am studying my reactions as a new learner-
I like to go slow. I am the last one in the class who wants the new lesson. Revise revise revise = that’s my cup of rasam.

2 I only look at the teacher. This is terribly atypical. In all of school, and most of college I never would have given the teacher a single rose from my hair, or a single glance, or even the time of the day.
And now it’s as if my classmates almost don’t exist.
3.out of the five notes that make mohanam I get only one right all the time, but the good news is that I am improving.
4 how useful an iPad is in the scheme of music listening when you are trying to internalise, memorise even.
I am grateful to have this technology for the boys and me too… Play on loop is awesome.
5 am not terribly shy to sing aloud in the class, or mortified, or embarrassed or trying to hide behind a neem tree, feeling apologetic about my voice or singing talent. I am just out of breath, sometimes.
6 Carnatic music is voice gym.
7 never go to the music class wearing a tight blouse. The higher notes get impossible.


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  1. My lessons are one-one and I have the sweetest teacher who goes ‘yaaay super super’ everytime I get a note right πŸ˜€ We should exchange (non) notes! Or atleast bond over the non-existent shyness, mortification, embarrassment etc!

    • How very generous of you! At least, it looks good on paper to read.

      Ahem. I am v. Pleased about my aadhara shadja!!

  2. Its amazing that you have the zeal and the enthu to learn music…you are awesome MiM, so what if the mohanam ragam evades you, will come to you eventually okay? *Proud of you*

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